PUA Text Messages: Things You Should and Should Not Send As A Text Message

PUA text messages are rarely neutral. They are either helping you or hurting you. For you to easily build attraction, you must send text messages the right way. If you send text messages the wrong way, you will easily destroy attraction. The PUA text messages and flirting SMS outlined below describe what’s effective and what’s not and will tell you why.

PUA Text Messages That Work

I just saw something that reminded me of you

Texting her with this is a smooth way to begin a text conversation with a girl since it will make her want to know more and will almost always get a response from her along the lines of “What was it?”

Hey you…I’m wondering if you can keep a secret…

This PUA text is ultimate bait for the girl to answer back with a “yes,” and then you can respond back with, “Ok, you can’t tell anyone I said this but…There’s this girl I know named (her name) who’s really nice. But she’s also kinda strange and I’m thinking she only want to use me for sexual favors.”

Quick! Quick! Beer or wine? Beer or wine???

She’ll probably be thinking “Uhh…what” when you text that to her at first But don’t worry too much, suddenly, she’ll start playing along and answering your question. After she answers, ask another question such as “Light beer or dark beer?” End the conversation with a “Thanks!” once she responds back to your second text and don’t send her any more texts.. This way, you’re being really unpredictable which is a hundred times better than sending her a text that the rest of the guys send her.

My favorite thing about you is

Cliff-hanger text messages work really well. Whenever you start a text and don’t finish it, you establish control of the conversation because she’ll be the one eagerly awaiting what you say next . The same thing can be done with stories, which can work even better. When she begs you to tell her the story’s ending, use the story’s ending to get her to buy you a cup of coffee by saying “Ok I’ll let you know what happens next but only if you buy me a drink this Tuesday night.”

I’m falling asleep. I thought you were supposed to entertain me.

Anytime you send a PUA text message that either disqualifies her or even teases her, you’re building attraction because now she must be the one working to impress you and now she must win your approval. Picking up women requires much less effort when the power is in your favor instead of hers.

PUA Text Messages You Should Not Send

I lost my teddy bear, will you sleep with me?

Unless you’re purposely making fun of them, corny pick up lines are not things you should be sending as text messages. Commit this to memory: never text her a cheesy pick up line.

Please go on a date with me?

Keep yourself from asking her out on a date through text for at least 2 good reasons: 1) you leave the ball in her court indefinitely when she doesn’t give you a reply and 2) anytime you call a date a date, it puts too much weight on the girl to have to make a commitment to something that she doesn’t really have a reason to commit to.


One word texts are useless. It’s much better if you don’t respond at all because instead of you picking up your phone, she’ll be checking her phone every 15 minutes to see if you texted back.

I’ll be waiting for you to text me back.

Asking her for a response is an indication of hopelessness and neediness, and the more you ask her to send you a text back, the more reason it gives her not to. Project that you have more important things going on with your day apart from waiting for her response.

Hi, I always use the full 160 characters whenever I send text messages.

Ok, so you probably wouldn’t text that (at least I hope you wouldn’t), but the important thing is to mirror the way she writes her texts and avoid writing a book length text. If she uses 20 characters, you use 20 characters. You could save the long messages for your phone conversations or your face to face conversations.

You should be able to tell the difference with these PUA text messages and flirting SMS between what you should and should not send. It’s also important that you use these PUA text messages for what they are: examples. Examples that you can customize to put together texts that work well for you personally.

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